Liferooms are the ultimate in 21st Century luxury. See Photos

A Patio for the 21st Century

LifeRoom is the newest and most advanced technology in the patio industry.

Automatic Patio to Enclosure

A patio cover that converts seamlessly into an enclosure with the push of a button. These structures are the ultimate in luxury accommodations.

Comfortable No Matter The Weather

Air cooling systems built into the framework. This cools the area beneath the cover by as much as 40 degrees.

Advanced Lighting and Sound

You are able to add custom lighting packages, even projection television and surround sound systems. All of these increase the premium quality of the LifeRoom Patio Experience.

A Movie? The Big Game? LifeRoom’s screens always score with the fans.

Whether it’s game night, or movie night… LifeRoom satisfies the most demanding fans. Round up the kids and your neighbors… LifeRoom’s got the biggest screens this side of Hollywood. Imagine, watching movies, TV shows and sporting events right in your own backyard.

LifeRoom’s fully automated retractable screens not only keep unwanted flying pests out. They also are uniquely designed to serve as amazing projection screens for any home theater. And the great thing is, this theater is never sold out. You’ll always have the best seat in the house!

projector, remote control and cool mist climate control system
Control the “cool mist climate control” and entertainment system with the remote.

Your LifeRoom can be custom designed to be as unique as you are.

Let us customize a LifeRoom for you and turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. LifeRoom can transform any dull, ordinary backyard into an amazing outdoor haven. A customized Liferooms has the ability to directly reflect your personal style. Now your friends and family will look on in awe, as you pick up LifeRoom’s remote control. Then raise or lower the fully automated screens. Creating the ultimate environment for entertaining, watching movies or just relaxing.

Enjoy your own backyard like never before. If that isn’t enough, a LifeRoom adds extra living space and can increase the value of your home.

LifeRooms at a Glance

  • Adjustable Wall Screens
  • Built In Air Cooling System
  • Up to 40 Degrees Cooler
  • Custom Lightning and Sound
  • Projection Television
  • Pollen/Allergy Protection

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